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Washable Summer Cooling Mat - Medium

Washable Summer Cooling Mat - Medium

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1. You can use this cooling mat either on your existing pet bed or on the floor as a mat if your furbaby doesn't like to use beds too often. This product keeps your fur babies cool during the summer heat.
2. Compared to the original bamboo, straw and leather mats on the market with cooler feeling products applying more high-tech materials and techniques, the cooler feeling is better and lasts longer with the soft cotton fabric, allowing your pet to get a more comfortable cooler sleeping impact.
3. Made of special cooling fabric to cool down your beloved pet on hot summer days.
4. Soft and comfortable with a cotton surface that feels comfortable to the touch.
5. Cooler, much stronger than bamboo in absorbing heat, so it can stay cooler for longer than traditional bamboo and rattan mats.

【Good design】The simple and generous design with advanced single color will make the dog bed mats look very fashionable and perfect to decorate the room and blend in with your home.
【Easy to clean】This crate bedding for dogs with washable helps to keep homes door, fur, and dander free.
【Soft and Cozy】Warm the cushion is ideal for adding a little more extra comfort to your pet bed beds. Your furry friend will love these super soft mats to lie on.
【Multi-purpose】Our mats are suitable for dog cages, sofas, car backseats, and can also be used alone as a dog bed. Soft and foldable, easy to store, and easy to carry around!
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