Copyright Policy

1. Ownership:
- All content on, including but not limited to product images, descriptions, and information, is the exclusive property of Petsary.


2. Protection of Content:
- content is protected by copyright laws. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited.


3. Prohibited Actions:
- Users are explicitly prohibited from:
- Copying, reproducing, or modifying any content from
- Using product images or information for personal or commercial purposes without explicit written consent from Petsary.


4. Social Media Content:
- Any content posted on's social media accounts, including images and information, is the property of Petsary and is subject to the same copyright protections.


5. Monitoring and Enforcement:
- employs monitoring tools to detect unauthorized use of its content. Any infringement will be actively pursued.


6. Legal Action:
- Petsary reserves the right to take legal action against individuals or entities found to be infringing on its copyrights. This includes seeking damages, injunctive relief, and legal costs.


7. Reporting Copyright Infringement:
- If you believe your work or the work of others is being used on without permission, please notify us at Include detailed information and evidence of the infringement.


8. Third-Party Use:
- Third parties are strictly prohibited from using content without written consent. This includes, but is not limited to, product images, descriptions, and any proprietary information.


9. Attribution:
- Any authorized use must provide proper attribution to as the source.


10. Brand Name Protection:
- The Petsary brand name is a registered trademark, and any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


11. Penalties:
- Violators of this copyright policy may face legal consequences, including but not limited to monetary damages and injunctive relief.


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