Welcome to PETSARY

Welcome to Petsary – where the UAE's pet accessories game just got a whole lot more pawesome! We're not your average pet store; we're a dynamic Paw squad on a mission to unleash the trendiest and most high-quality accessories for your furry and feathered VIPs!

Our journey began with a squad of four dogs, two chatterbox African Grey parrots, a charismatic Galah Cockatoo, and our resident mischief-maker, an adorable ferret. Armed with our discerning tastes and a grand total of eight lively companions, we set out to conquer the pet accessory scene.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Our pursuit of top-notch yet budget-friendly pet products led us on a wild quest through the market. Just like you, we get it – pets deserve the best without breaking the bank. And with our growing squad, we've mastered the art of finding accessories that cater to both their diva demands and our budgetary sanity.

Fueled by our love for pets and a healthy dose of caffeine, we proudly opened the doors of Petsary. The response? Overwhelming! Your enthusiasm fuels our hustle, and we're committed to curating a selection of high-quality, affordable accessories that'll make tails wag and feathers do a happy dance.

But hey, we're not stopping there! Join us on this rollercoaster of growth as we continue to expand our offerings. We're not just a store; we're a small business with big dreams, and you're a crucial part of our success story.

Petsary – because your pets deserve accessories as fabulous as they are. Thank you for being a part of our wild, furry, and feathery adventure!


Our Goal

Our mission is pawsitively clear – we want your pets to be as thrilled with their accessories as ours are! Starting off as little sellers on Amazon and Noon, we dipped our paws into the market, and guess what? The response from you, our incredible customers, was nothing short of pawmazing! πŸŽ‰

Through social media antics and engaging banter, we got to know your pet's quirks, your needs, and your wild accessory dreams. Armed with this treasure trove of insights, we've crafted a selection tailored to the unique preferences of our pet-loving community. It's been such a blast!

Now, we're pawsitively stoked to unveil our grandest adventure yet – introducing "," a haven for pet lovers in the Middle East, and we're dreaming even bigger for the future! πŸš€

But wait, there's more! We're not just here to showcase our fabulous finds; we want YOU to be a part of our journey. Got wild ideas, fun suggestions, or just want to share pics of your furballs rocking our gear? We're all ears (and tails)! Simply Follow our Socials @petsaryuae on Insta!

Your opinions matter the most to us – and not just yours, but your fur/feathered babies too!
We're all about growing, laughing, and celebrating the joy that pets bring into our lives.
So, buckle up, pet enthusiasts! Petsary is more than a store; it's a family of pet parents and we're thrilled to have you along side our family!

Thank you for making our adventure pawtastic! Here's to many more excitement, tail wags, and a Pawesome Day ahead!