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Jolly Tug-of-War Set of 2 (Xmas Tree & Garland, Green)

Jolly Tug-of-War Set of 2 (Xmas Tree & Garland, Green)

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🎄✨ Festive Plush Parade: Christmas Dog Toy Extravaganza! (31 cm) 🎁🐾

🎅 YULETIDE TOY DELIGHT: Unwrap the magic with our Christmas Dog Plush Toys set—featuring 2 enchanting pieces designed for joyful play! Meet the huggable Green Plush Christmas Tree and the Garland-Adorned Plush Toy, both with a built-in squeaker and connected by a vibrant Christmas-colored 31 cm long rope tug toy.

🐶 SEASONAL SNUGGLE: These ADORABLE Christmas toys aren't just about play—they're cuddly companions designed to infuse the holiday spirit into your furry friend's heart! Durable, irresistibly cute, and sure to spark festive joy.

🌿 NATURAL COTTON GLEE: Our 100% NATURAL COTTON rope ensures a safe and sturdy play experience. These toys are crafted for durability, washability, and the eco-conscious comfort of natural fibers.

🎁 SAFE HOLIDAY HUGS: Made from non-toxic, durable materials, these Christmas dog plush toys are both soft and safe. The plush fabric and cotton construction guarantee a delightful playtime experience.

🤗 INTERACTIVE HOLIDAY FUN: Banish boredom and share holiday joy with Interactive Dog Toys that engage and entertain. Watch your pup explore the festive designs, bringing a touch of holiday magic to your shared moments.

🦷 TEETH-CLEANING HOLIDAY CHEER: The twisted, tightly woven design of these Christmas dog toys doubles as a dental delight. The knots playfully clean your dog's teeth, adding an extra touch of holiday cheer to their oral care routine.

🎅 FESTIVE PET GLEE: Infuse your pup's playtime with the spirit of the season. These vibrantly colored toys, adorned with Christmas motifs, make for the paw-fect Christmas pet gifts. A thoughtful and joyful present for your furbaby or a fellow Fur Parent during the holiday season! 🎀🐾

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