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PawfectGuard Pet Locator: Bluetooth 4.0 Tracker

PawfectGuard Pet Locator: Bluetooth 4.0 Tracker

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🐾 Paw Shaped Pet Locator: Stay Connected, Stay Secure! 🐾

Introducing our Paw Shaped Pet Locator, a cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.0 low-power technology device designed to keep your belongings close and secure. Easily connect your keys, handbags, and more to the app on your mobile device for loss reminders, two-way search, remote control photography, and even recording functions.

🌐 Effective Coverage: With an impressive effective distance of up to 25 meters, this device ensures you can track and locate your items within a wide range. The CR2032 button battery, readily available in major supermarkets, guarantees over half a year of reliable performance.

πŸ“± Adaptability to Phones: Compatible with a range of phones, including iPhone 11 and above for Apple users and Android phones with Android 8.0 and above, featuring Bluetooth 4.0 and beyond.

🎨 Optimal Design: Our device is designed with optimization in mind, considering varying degrees of battery life on mainstream Android models. It seamlessly integrates with your phone system, automatically managing background apps for enhanced efficiency.

🚨 Note: While the setting steps may differ among Android phone brands, the overall process is similar. Ensure to check and adjust your mobile phone's power-saving mode, adding the loss device app to the white list or protected programs to prevent false alarms caused by app shutdowns.

πŸ”§ How to Use:

  1. Switch On/Off: Press the button for 3 seconds to hear a "Di" sound, and the indicator will flash continuously. To switch off, press the button for 4 seconds, hear a "Di" sound once, and the indicator will flash rapidly and go out.

  2. Device Management: Open the app and navigate to the "Device" interface, click the "+" below the graphic signs to add and manage up to 8 loss devices. The mobile phone can check the map location when the loss device is disconnected.

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