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Petsary Panda Shaped Ceramic Bowl: Stylish Elevated Dining

Petsary Panda Shaped Ceramic Bowl: Stylish Elevated Dining

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🐾 Petsary Panda Shaped Bowl Set: Where Style Meets Functionality & an Elevated Dining Experience!

 Double Design Delight: Elevate your pet's dining with our Panda Shaped ceramic bowl set on a chic bamboo stand. Perfect for food and water, stylishly raised for their comfort.

🧽 Easy-Clean Elegance: Removable ceramic dishes for a quick wash, and a wipe-down bamboo stand. Stain-free, taste-free, and effortlessly chic.

🌿 Green Living, Stylish Giving: Sustainable bamboo and ceramic for a plastic-free, stylish choice. Beauty that's eco-friendly!

🐱 Comfort Elevated: Reduce neck strain for older pets, accommodate sensitive whiskers, and say goodbye to bowl-flipping chaos. Small dogs, rejoice!

🚫 Non-Slip Sanity: Non-slip bamboo stands ensure bowls stay put, keeping meals on the menu, not on your floor.

🏷️ Details:

  • Brand: Petsary
  • Model: PA/HM/BOW/CA
  • Color: Grey & Natural Wood
  • Size: Bowl Dia 13.5 x 5.5cm
  • Materials: Ceramic & Bamboo

Upgrade your pet's dining – Petsary, where style, comfort, and eco-friendliness come together in purr-fect harmony! 🐾✨

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