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Interactive Cat Teaser Toy (Mouse)

Interactive Cat Teaser Toy (Mouse)

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🐾 Interactive Cat Toy - A Bundle of Fun for Your Feline Friend!

🐱 Product Material: Crafted from a mix of Wood, paper rope, plush, and chicken feathers, this cat toy is designed to provide aerobic exercise for your feline friend. It's the perfect outlet for releasing extra energy, alleviating nervousness, controlling weight, and maintaining overall health. No wonder cats adore this toy!

🐱 Product Size: The cat toy pole is a compact 40cm long, and the rope extends to about 55cm, stretchable to more than 100cm. With a weight of just 20g, it's small, lightweight, and wonderfully portable, featuring a vibrant multi-colored design.

🐱 Safe and Gentle: The cat stick is soft, bite-resistant, and durable. Its gentle texture ensures it won't harm your adorable cats during play. Wrap the cat wands on the pole when not in use, ensuring safe storage.

🐱 Easy Play & Endless Fun: The plush material and soft fabric make playtime enjoyable for cats of all ages. Spend quality hours engaging with your cat, satisfying their natural instinct to play and providing endless entertainment.

🎁 Ideal Gifts for Cats: Lengthen the spring rope for added flexibility, and watch your cat happily pounce and play. These cat wands make for ideal gifts for your feline companions or can be shared with friends and family members who also cherish their cats. Perfect for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, and more.

Bring joy and excitement to your cat's day with this Interactive Cat Toy - because happy cats mean happy owners! πŸ±πŸŽ‰

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