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Meat Bone Plush Toy : Fetch, Play, Wag, Repeat!

Meat Bone Plush Toy : Fetch, Play, Wag, Repeat!

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🦴 PETSARY Meat Bone Magic: Fetch, Play, Wag, Repeat! 🌈🐾

  • 🌟 Perfectly Sized Playtime: At 19 CM, this meat bone-shaped toy is a delightful delight for dogs of all sizes. The beautiful design is not just for pups – even humans might sneak a play!

  • 🎨 Eye-Catching Design: Made from natural cotton, it's not just a toy – it's a fashion statement! The bright colors and adorable shape make it a fetch-tastic accessory for your pup.

  • 🦷 Dental Delight for Good Health: High-quality fiber cotton doubles as dental floss, ensuring your pet's teeth get a workout while they play. Happy chews, healthy teeth – it's a win-win for both!

  • 🐾 Happy Pup, Healthy Teeth: Beyond joy, this toy helps grind, strengthen, and clean your pup's teeth. Say goodbye to destructive dog behavior – it's all about happy, healthy smiles!

🏷️ Product Playbook:

  • Brand: Petsary
  • Model Number: DT/CDT/BON/MED
  • Dimensions: 19*12cm
  • Color:Β Brown and white
  • Materials: Natural Cotton (Safe and Non-toxic)
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Quantity: 1

Let the fun begin with PETSARY's Meat Bone Magic – where playtime is a treat for your pup and a feast for the eyes! πŸŽ‰πŸΆ

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