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Polly's Paradise: 50 cm Large Pineapple Bird Chew Toy!

Polly's Paradise: 50 cm Large Pineapple Bird Chew Toy!

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🌈 **Tropical Haven: 50 cm Pineapple Paradise for Happy Birds!** 🍍🦜

🦜 **Perfectly Sized Retreat:** Tailored at 50 cm, this bird chewing colorful wood block is an ideal haven for medium to extra-large birds, including Quakers, IRN, Parrolets, Concures, Cockatiels, and more.

🌿 **Safe and Savory Materials:** Crafted with care, our bird toy is made of 100% pet-safe materials – a delightful blend of food-grade colors and natural wood. Purely handmade, ensuring it's bite-resistant and durable for endless birdie enjoyment.

🍍 **Pineapple Perfection:** Elevate playtime with our unique pineapple design! The distinctive shapes, vibrant colors, and wooden beads connected with a metal chain create a multi-layered paradise that encourages your parrot to climb and explore.

πŸ‘… **Beak Bliss Bonanza:** This parrot chewing toy isn't just fun – it's essential for beak health. Help your feathered friend preen and condition their beak, ensuring optimal well-being and preventing potential health issues.

🌈 **Bite, Climb, Repeat:** Say goodbye to birdie blues! Reduce aggression and loneliness as your bird indulges in its instincts. The toy's bright colors, abundance of cubes, and knots will keep your bird happily engaged and entertained.

🌟 **Details to Delight:**

- **Brand:** Petsary
- **Dimensions: 50 CM
- **Color:** Multicolored
- **Materials: Wood
- **Number of Items:** 1
- **Quantity:** 1

🎁 **A Slice of Paradise for Your Feathered Friend:** Bring home the Tropical Haven – where safety, fun, and well-being collide. 🌴✨

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