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Beat the Heat : Freezable Cooling Bowl (Blue)

Beat the Heat : Freezable Cooling Bowl (Blue)

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"❄️ Beat the Heat with our Cool Paws Freezer Bowl: The Ultimate Chill Spot for Your Furry Friend! β„οΈπŸΎ

For pet parents who want to ensure their dogs stay cool and refreshed during those lazy hours on the patio, garden, or any sunny spot, our Cool Paws Freezer Bowl is the answer. It's not just for special occasions – it's perfect for everyday use too! β˜€οΈπŸ•

No more constant refills or worries about your pup sipping on lukewarm liquids. The secret to this bowl's magic lies in its non-toxic insulated gel insert. Simply pop it in the freezer for approximately 2 hours, and voila! Your dog's water stays icy cold for up to 8 hours, holding a generous 2 cups of liquid to keep them covered for a while. ❄️πŸ₯€

Perfect for sunny day travels with your pets, this bowl is designed to keep food and water cool for an extended period, surpassing the capabilities of a regular bowl. Crafted from quality and durable materials, it's wear-resistant and guarantees long-lasting use. 🌿🐾

The polymer cooling gel not only keeps the water cool but also ensures your pet's food stays fresh for an extended duration. And here's the best part – the gel is non-toxic, designed for oral usage, ensuring your pet's safety. πŸŒ±πŸ‘…

We've adopted a special pattern for a stronger hold than other bowls, making it perfect for dogs, cats, or any of your beloved pets. Its ideal size makes it the perfect food or water bowl, providing a refreshing oasis for your pets during the hot summer weather. 🐢🍲

Say goodbye to warm water bowls! Our Cool Paws Freezer Bowl is your furry friend's ticket to a chill and enjoyable mealtime experience. Simply freeze the core for 2 hours, replace it in the base, and fill it with water – bowl capacity: 470 ml. Your pet will thank you for the icy delight! β„οΈπŸ• #CoolPaws #FreezerBowl #ChillOutTime"

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