RIAAN (Co-Founder)

Hey pawstomers! Riaan here, the other half of the dynamic duo that brought Petsary to life alongside our pawmazing Founder.

Now, let me spill the beans – I'm the guy behind the scenes, the wizard of business transactions, the master of inventory control, and the maestro of all things accounting and pricing at Petsary. Basically, I handle all the nitty-gritty, the behind-the-scenes magic that keeps the Pet-sational show running smoothly. Arish, well, he's the creative genius – I leave the colorful ideas and adorable pet adventures to him!

But hey, let's not get bogged down by the serious stuff. We're here to make pet parenting a blast, right? I take care of the so-called "boring" stuff, ensuring everything runs like a well-oiled machine, so you can focus on the fun part – spoiling your fur and feathered babies!

We're thrilled to be your go-to source for Pet Accessories, and we want your Petsary experience to be nothing short of fantastic. From the moment you click to order to the excited tail wags or happy chirps when your goodies arrive, we're here for it all.

So buckle up, pawstomers! We've got a fantastic ride ahead, filled with exciting products, unbeatable service, and a whole lot of furry and feathery joy. We can't wait to hear your thoughts and ideas. Your feedback fuels our passion, and we're ready to pawsitively rock this journey together!

Here's to endless tail wags, happy chirps, and the Petsary magic that makes pet parenting a whole lot more exciting! 🐾✨