ARISH (Founder of Petsary)

Hello, beloved pawstomers! It's Arish here, your fellow pet enthusiast and proud pet parent. I want to share with you the heartfelt journey that led to the creation of Petsary—a venture born out of love for my Five Canine children, the joy of being a parrot dad of to two African Greys, Tini wini Love Bird and a Gallah Cockatoo, and the delightful chaos that comes with being a Ferret Dad to an adorable ferret.

As a devoted Pet Parent of 10 adorable babies, navigating the world of pet supplies for my fur and feathered children proved to be quite the adventure!
I could feel the struggle especially when it came to the butterflies in my pockets, as the quest for quality products often left them lighter than I'd like.

But then, something magical happened. I reached out to you! The incredible pet community! And boy oh boy' the response was overwhelming!
Your detailed feedback, stories, and your shared passion for our four-legged and winged companions inspired me to take a leap of faith and create PETSARY! Your go to Pet shop for Pet Accessories! 

With your massive suppawt, Petsary has blossomed into something truly special. Your input has guided my selections, ensuring that each product is not just a pawchase, but a promise of memories of pure joy, as-well as well deserved treats for our beloved pets. This journey has been nothing short of amazing, filled with wagging tails, cheerful chirps, and the boundless energy of our furry and feathery friends.

I hope PETSARY brings as much excitement to you as it does to my own fur/feathered kids. This isn't just a business; it's a shared passion for creating a haven of happiness and health for our pets. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your suppawt has made Petsary thrive, and together, we're making the world a better place for our cherished companions.

Here's to the amazing adventure of Petsary and the pawsitive impact we're creating together! 🐾